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Bright SP Tote

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Bright SP Tote 


This object is a physical representation of paranoia. Through its paranoid characteristics, the object forms a symbiotic relationship with the user whom is offered protection in varying forms.  

The object is named the Bright SP Tote to signify the paranoid energy not being destroyed, but redirected into a positive manifestation.

The tote features several hidden compartments, elongated straps that create a spacial halo around the bag, and a continuous band partially covering the main compartment representing the constant and continuous nature of mental states, both negative and positive.

Accompanying the tote are three hanging totems that represent individual, institutional, and biological paranoia. These sectors are prevalent in our thinking and tend to be the focus of much individualized paranoia. They also represent protection as well, inviting the owner to think of these totems as scarecrows warding off these thoughts, and a reminder of the victory of self over mental states.

Care and additional information:

This bag was hand crafted in Asia in partnership with fellow Coach Leatherwear alumni and resources.  

Variations in the grain are a characteristic of leather. The bag will form and adjust shape based on use over time. Any imperfections will minimize with use. Please note that some color transfer may occur as this is a natural leather product.

Occasionally it will be necessary to clean the bag. Wipe with dry or minimally damp cloth as needed. 

100% leather, interior bonded suede. Designed in Queens NYC, manufactured globally.

Size: 20” x11” x 9” / 51cm x 28cm x 23cm